We visited Pioneer Square in Seattle on Friday, took a tour underneath the city.

These skylights once allowed light into the lower level from the sidewalk level. This lower level was once used by merchants until the rat problem became so bad the shops closed down and only the upper sidewalk storefronts were used. These abandoned tunnels have become the underground city of Seattle. You’ll see several skylight images, some have been replaced due to age and wear.

Removed skylight behind antique tub.

Removed skylight. 

Skylights from above.

The news of the rat and flooding problems kept hotel guests away so hotels advertised insanely low prices to fill rooms.


Thursday was incredibly full. We visited the gum wall.

We visited Pike Fish Market and the Seattle Art Museum.

We went on a boat tour.

Then the Seattle Sea Aquarium.


We visited the Jimi Hendrix Memorial in Renton Washington.

There also was a wonderful Vietnamese memorial.

Here’s some images from the EMP Museum.


Our flight was smooth and everyone has been so nice. We walked into a Walmart and the employees were super pleasant, in dress code, the store was neat and orderly. I thought we were in an alternate dimension. Everyone is so polite. Pictures to come.