New Sneak Peek

I return to school with 3 classes, this will be a tight schedule with only a history class in photography associated in photography. I am seeking those who would be interested in lingerie shoots, Nude or implied nude maternity sessions, boudoir or subjects not reflected in my portfolio yet. These will be negotiable, possibly paid … Continue reading New Sneak Peek


Final project in Photo 2 class and I’ve got a lot of winners. Special thanks to Alaina and SherriĆ© for a smooth and effortless session. These two make my work so easy and fun. Here are some sneak peeks. Continue reading Wow

More Sneak Peeks, Alaina Mae

Ok, here are some more of Alaina. I’m finishing up on this shoot for my project and have some outstanding shots, I can’t show all but heres a few. Facebook safe. Continue reading More Sneak Peeks, Alaina Mae

Sneak Peek

Here is a little sneak peek at one of Alaina”s images. I am shooting low key with one main light and 2 smaller lights. I am super excited about this series as I have a substantial amount of keepers. I’m very optimistic about this project. Continue reading Sneak Peek