Finished…..Alaina Mae’s session.

I have finished Alaina’s session, they are available to view at:

Finished…..Alaina Mae’s session.

I have finished Alaina’s session, they are available to view at:

So my art experience just expanded.

I have my final project for my Course. I chose to free lens nudes. This would be a challenge for me as I had never shot nudes before. Free lensing is the act of removing the sense from a dslr and holding directly in front of the camera. In this case I used An old Sears 50mm 1.2 FD lens from the pre digital days. This creates interesting flares, distortions, and dof bokeh. I wanted to show classic poses since that is a preference of mine, reminiscent of Greek and Roman art forms. The play of light and form.
Last night I photographed Alaina. As stated above I had never photographed anyone nude, If there were any nerves they vanished quickly as we went through numerous poses and my full concentration was on getting the shot. Alaina is an experienced model, I had shot my last West Bottoms session with her, she was very understanding and the session ended very successful.
For all the firsts, these are just a few of the dreamy, ethereal images of many that came out.

My next and final step is what medium to transfer/print them too. I am considering the various forms of bamboo, watercolor, or canvas. A smooth finish such as watercolor paper with a fine finish may come out very nice.
All-in-all I believe I have started out well.

Model: Alaina Mae




New experiment, new excitement.

Tonight I have the pleasure to work with Alaina once again. We will be working on my final project for my course. It will be a challenge for me, we will be free lensing artistically nude poses that will be printed on various papers and canvases.

2015 Student Exhibition

I have 3 images that have been selected to appear in the UMKC Student Exhibition for 2015. The opening of the show will be Thursday April 30th. I hope to see a lot there.






Goes On Forever

Kaufman Gardens prohibits professional photography

I saw this coming, at times there were so many photographers at the Gardens there were long lines just to shoot at specific locations.

Speech contest

I was just informed I won the contest we were having in speech class. I am to present my speech on May 1st in front of judges, if I win round 2 is immediately afterwards in front of approximately 100 students and teachers. Why am I excited?