Vintage Photographs

My Grandmother Bernice passed away in the latter part of the 90’s, when she did, my mother received a trunk my grandmother had since her childhood. This trunk had hundreds of old photographs dating back to the turn of the 20th century. So old you can see the silver bursting through. A lot of these are of family members long passed. Of times primitive in nature to today but so much simpler. In my childhood I used to go through these picture and they always brought fond memories of those I had the pleasure of meeting even if briefly. After my Father passed away my mother stayed with us in Belton. She was always a small-town girl and eventually moved back to Hutchinson to live on her own. Now in her 80’s she continues to live her life in the town she loves. In her moving she passed those images down to me. Some among those are of my late brother David,  these I am separating out to send to my niece Jenny.

I will be scanning these images and digitizing them. If you would like prints they will be located here:



Shoot Proof

I have switched from Photo Reflect to Shoot Proof and have uploaded some of my latest sessions. All images available for prints.


Final Project For Semester

Model Alaina Mae helped me with my final project. My photography was about using focus and lighting to give depth to the images. I overcame the first obstacles, my first nudes, low key and free lensing but once we started it all come together. The next step was to show some images that could stand on their own showing the beautiful effect of free lensing. Others, although great I chose to group together and by utilizing the amount of blur created in each image by the free lens this determined their size in relation to each other thus creating an effect of distance. The black background adds a lack of grounding disorienting the viewer adding some motion.B&W1 B&W2 B&W3 B&W4 color1 color2 color3 color4 color5

Final Critique

Today was final critique in photography class, while most chose to do Van dyke or cyan type processes I chose free lensing. I will post these in their entirety when I get the chance. This will give you an Idea of the results. 

Two friends are graduating, Linda and Carolyn. I wish them well. 


It’s almost here. 

I have bamboo and inbe paper heading to me to print my free lensing session with Alaina. These are wood free, very soft touch, will print beautifully. I am still testing using a white matte photo paper for the b&w’s, so that’s up in the air still. so excited.

It’s been a rough couple of days. I do count myself very lucky having had 3 pieces selected for the UMKC gallery for the Student Art Exhibition this week and representing my communications class in a speech competition today.
I just feel I let down my class for not making the cut, so many turned out to see me speak and I didn’t. I did my best and my classmates were very thoughtful and nice. I wish them all the best.