Orange Moon

Last night we were honored with the presence of a orange moon. The moon was colored by the Earth’s atmosphere that the Sun was shining through._MG_4454

A Lost Legacy

In this crazy world of digital  photography we are producing the first generation that will not have a tangible product to show for their existence. Even I have been caught up in this digital world wind saving all my images to my computer or to a USB drive, sometimes I’ve saved them to DVDs in order to give them to models.  What I have noticed is that they show up on their Facebook page, but I’m pretty sure they’re not anywhere else, they haven’t printed them nor have them in the portfolio book. This has started me to think about how I want to  display my art. As an artist I want to preserve the art that I produce and I want those who purchase my art  to proudly display that  same art. I am saddened with the thought that the time and effort I put into the images will simply be lost or forgotten on the dvd. I am increasing my efforts in recommending and offering prints and will not provide low cost digital images, the only exception will be tf shoots.

There is nothing more satisfying than displaying quality prints on the wall. My prints are printed through some of the finest companies in the U.S.. If you want digital images instead, the price will be comparable to a print order. I recommend a quality printer for your prints, this will be an investment for a life time.

I do not want you to select me as a photographer because I’m in your price range, my art is more valuable than that. Select me because I can give you the look you want, you proudly displaying my photography on your wall.

I am not desperate to make a buck, I’ve got a job that pays the bills but don’t think that will distract me. I will spend the time to make keepsakes for you, those you proudly display on your wall, in your album or your portfolio.

Think about the last digital image you took, did you print it?, Frame it? Hang it? It’ s ok if you took a selfie and didn’t print it, just don’ t place my art in the same category.

Returning The Favor.

If you have a face book fan page I have not liked yet just let me know and I’ll visit it to do so. I enjoy seeing the works of the many photogs and models I have befriended over the past years. Many of you inspire me on a daily basis. Thank You!
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They emerged only a day or two ago and shed their skins. This morning they were drying out and moving upwards in the trees. This is the first time I had seen so many in a single tree, close to 20 and within hours they began their singing. It now feels like Summer.
_MG_4425 _MG_4443

Mia, a new edit

As I continue to grow I look back at earlier images and see if I can improve with what I have done with what I know now.




I Wonder

How hard it would be to create a “KickStarter” to repurpose one of the closed school buildings in KCMO into an art gallery/studio location. Classrooms would be rented as studios, Gym would be the gallery and artists could speak to groups in the auditorium. We could also include performance artists with the auditorium. The conversion wouldn’t be too involved I believe. Any Thoughts KC?

More Free Lensing with Alaina

I am happy to share some more of the beauty Alaina added to my images. I don’t believe they would’ve turned out as great without her.  More can be seen at:

Free Lensing is the act of removing the lens and focusing it by manually angling it until you get the focus you want. It works essentially as a tilt shift lens. Instead of the plain of focus being parallel with the front of the camera it will instead be angled in which dramatic images can be created that create a creamy melting away of focus along what would normally be the focus plain left to right. In the examples below Alaina’s face is in focus but the focus drifts away at various angles in each image.