The Critique


The final presentation. Each image printed on kozo double layer then separated producing a thin image sheet. Each sheet has attached scroll rollers. The smaller versions in lower right actually were rolled. Each piece presented similar to a painting. Got lukewarm critique. Maybe next time.


I absolutely like it when I have a new model and she works out so well, with some guidance in what I was looking for she gave me gorgeous poses! It was a pleasure working with Sherrié tonight. Sneak peeks to follow soon.

Finished Scroll Portraits


These are the small test scrolls I have finished. These measure 3.5x 9 inches. I can make these for you portrait for $49 with a $200 print order. The larger ones are 6×18 and will run $99  with a print order.

Test print

Alaina printed on Kozo double layered paper. Kozo is made for on natural fibers of mulberry and bamboo. This art paper consists of 2 layers, after printing, the top is separated and creates a thin durable print similar to Chinese ink wash paintings. This print is a test, the finished product will be 6 x18 and will be scrolled. image

Sherrié Aikins

This Thursday I have the privilege working with Sherrié Aikins, a new model I haven’t worked with before. Another part of my project for class, I can’t wait, I have every confidence this will also be a great shoot.

More Sneak Peeks, Alaina Mae

Ok, here are some more of Alaina. I’m finishing up on this shoot for my project and have some outstanding shots, I can’t show all but heres a few. Facebook safe._MG_5474 _MG_5483 _MG_5491 _MG_5510_1

Sneak Peek

Here is a little sneak peek at one of Alaina”s images. I am shooting low key with one main light and 2 smaller lights. I am super excited about this series as I have a substantial amount of keepers. I’m very optimistic about this project._MG_5483

Alaina Mae

Tonight I had another session with Alaina Mae for project 2 in Photo 2. She’s so easy to work with, knows all the right angles and is a beautiful model to boot. I recommend her whole heartily. I have some gorgeous images coming!!