Lucifer in Fallen Stars


Your heart holds a pride that taints your wisdom on the account of your beauty, but understand, you are not meant to be more than you are. Never will be. 

Model: Madeleine Sienkiewicz

MUA: Shelbi Thompson

Costume: Carol Fallis

Wings are Complete

It took Carol Fallis the better part of 2 months if not more and came down to attaching them to the armor. Sherrié Aikins will model these wings along with the armor in her transformation of Lilith in Fallen Stars. Some effort has to be made by Sherrié Aikins since this will be back heavy, a slight forward lean will be needed.

A Little Piece I’m Working On


Lilith’s Creation

Model: Sherrié Aikins 

Photographer: Vince Fallis 

2 More from Fallen Stars

Ok, so session 2 is a wrap and all attending worked wonderfully together making my life so much easier. About a quarter of the project is done. I love this little lens, my lensbaby adds a touch to the drama of the images and I plan to continue using this lens throughout the shooting. Session 3 in 2 weeks will be shoots of Adam with Lilith and Adam with Eve and I’m excited to have gotten Sean Ellis for the role of Adam. I leave this post with a couple more from yesterday’s shoot.


Model: Madeleine Sienkiewicz

MUA: Shelbi Thompson

Costumes: Carol Fallis

Photographer: Vince Fallis



Model : Sherrié Aikins

MUA: Shelbi Thompson

Photographer: Vince Fallis


Fallen Stars………..OMG

OMG….Today I used my Lensbaby, why am I so reluctant to using this lens? It produces such a creamy blur and bokeh and yet such detailed sharpness. When used , you can create drama and effects in a shot, you can draw the eye easily to the subject and wash it away if needed. I enjoyed todays shoot, unfortunately I get so excited in producing the images I forget at times to tell the model(s) they can relax. Both Sherrié and Madeleine were outstanding and forgiving,  Shelbi Corker was a wonderful MUA keeping everyone looking so good!


Models:Sherrié Aikins

Madeleine Sienkiewicz

MUA: Shelbi Thompson

Photographer: Vince Fallis