Film Test

Today I developed a film roll that I took test images on, using the monobath R5 from New55 the process went well, simple and easy and was successful. I did find that patience is a virtue with film as some images were missed because of wrong settings. It’s a slower process one must adopt for film. I will look over these negatives and see where I go in using the Lensbaby with film. At some point I’d like to shoot a roll on peoples faces and portrait shots and see how those come out with the Lensbaby.

Ictus occiderit

trans: Kill Strike

Models: Ron Brand,
Madeleine Sienkiewicz
Costume: Carol Fallis

Photographer: Vince Fallis




Goodbye Digital

At least for awhile. I have really liked shooting film in the past and really love the wet plate process, although the latter may be beyond me I will begin experimenting with black and white film using my lens baby for effect and developing using New55 developer. I will complete my Fallen Stars project before the switch. If anyone is interested in collaborating with me let me know and I’ll put you on the list.