March 2017

Another Great Session Wrapped Up

March 29, 2017 Fallen Stars

This images as a whole came out wonderful. I really enjoyed working with Ron Brand and Sherrié Aikins to make this scene. These images are truly painting like because of great theatrical posing and emotion along with the Lensbaby. These images have a clear and realistic view as if you are actually in the scene yourself.

Using the Lensbaby in Fallen Stars!

March 28, 2017 Fallen Stars

I love the unique look the Lensbaby gives these images. Here’s one I’m currently working on. The distortion gives it a dreamlike appearance, perfect for these images. models: Ron Brand, Sherrié Aikins mu: Sherrié Aikins costumes: Carol Fallis photographer: Vince Fallis

Back in the Saddle

March 26, 2017 Fallen Stars

It’s been too long since I’ve shot. Today we begin the next phase of Fallen Stars for this fall. I was joined by Ron Brand and Sherrié Aikins, two models and friends I always enjoy working with. Both of them are serious but bring some fun to the shoots as well. Using a new lensbaby I am opening up the final images to more landscape styles with distant shots. I included one here and titled it “Scoperto”, Italian for “Discovery”.

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