The Curator Entry

I have entered a series of images from my Fallen Stars project into competition for fine art, please visit my page and wish me luck and of course vote. Thanks.

Thank You All for Your Support!

I have found that I receive more responses for my art from my Facebook than my page. I will no longer place content onto my page vincefallis . photography,  instead I will place it on my timeline name of Vince Fallis or Papa Vince. I most deeply appreciated your support and jope you will simply follow my timeline. Most of it is duplicated anyways and I am looking for simplified ways to post my art and projects to a greater number of interested people. If you like my page but are not my friend on Facebook please request it. Thanks Again for you support.

Fallen Stars Update, Close to the End

The final wilderness shoot is tackled, Lilith gained her wings and Lucifer gained an ally. There are only a few makeup images to produce and complete the final Battle scene for the book. The story is being edited right now an I will be putting it together this Fall for my semester final. I leave you the conspiracy scene images.

Models: Madeleine Sienkiewicz , Sherrié Aikins

Costumes: Carol Fallis

Photographer: Vince Fallis

New Shoot

Expression says it all: Really, again?

Just kidding, a great shoot with great people.

Sherrié Aikins and Madeleine Sienkiewicz