February 2018

It Felt So Good

February 20, 2018 Casey, Mists

To be back at shooting. It had been too long in between shoots and I was feeling somewhat depressed. I had forgotten how fun it was. Casey was my model for this shoot and was wonderful. I fiddled with the below image on my iPad using photoshop and thought it was an interesting result. I am not sold on it but do like it.

Mists Session Tomorrow

February 18, 2018 Casey, Mists

Tomorrow I have my first session in a long time, my model is Casey and the title is Mists. It is a concept I’ve been working on for four years and now I can start to refine it. The studio is set and ready. More to come.

Some Updates

February 10, 2018 Uncategorized

My studio floor won’t be finished before my next shoot with Casey but should not be an issue. I am excited to finally be shooting with Casey, it’s a new project separate than Fallen Stars and Casey will be helping work out the Kinks. More to come from the shoot. I will also be eliminating those off my Facebook who have no interest in me and vice versa. I will no longer use it as a networking tool as it has hadRead More

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