Upcoming and Regular Photographic Art Work

June 25, 2017 Uncategorized

For my local friends and models, I am looking into regular paid work for models in my art. I will shoot a range from normal to alternative, digital to film, on a monthly basis. Pay will be based on experience and project and to what extent nudity is required. What I need to know is you’re be interested in paid work with me (references can be provided) and to what extent nudity you are comfortable with. All images will be display publicly at both my school and elsewhere, this is after all what I study for school, you must be comfortable with that. If necessary I will hire traveling models but prefer to build my local base some more first. 

I am looking to shoot recreations of Renaissance, Roman, and Greek art. I would love to shoot maternity. I shoot both low and high key artistic nudes and body painting will be done

If interested, please message me with a current picture and how you think you can fit into the above picture.



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