Patreon, Here I Come!

September 2, 2017 Uncategorized

I will joining the thousands of artists who have teamed up with Patreon for support of their work. My site will be available beginning in October and I invite those of you interested in my work to following or support me on the site. As of October my work will be featured on my Patreon site and only snippets will be on my website or social media. Unlike many others I have chosen to send out actual 5×7 or similarly sized printed photos signed and dated to my supporters.   Of course this all depends on the tier level you chose to join. But don’t worry, lower level tiers on up will have access to images just for your social media. The funds help pay for my models and expenses for the shoots. My goals are geared to drive my school coursework, eventually one day I hope it will ease me into my art full time.

Any models that would like to work with me on my projects please message me.

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