My Pledge to you!

December 19, 2015 Uncategorized

I wish all my friends out there a great holiday season and a more wonderful new year. I want to thank all who have friended me in the past and my new ones those that wondered “who is this guy”? Well, I’m a photographer that has been years out of the art world and wishes to imerse myself back into it. If I requested to be a friend be sure I take it seriously, I like your art and wish to see more. Rest assured my pledge to you is that if you post something that may offend me in some way I will not report you or your images, I will not make rude comments toward you or who you work with. I understand I may not be someone’s cup of tea either.


Respect your opinion and your position.

Stay quiet because I chose to be your friend.

(This excludes any illegal activity.)

Unfollow you if I cannot continue with seeing feeds that disturb me..

I only ask you return the favor! Thank You and have a wonderful


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