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January 15, 2016 Alaina

I return to school with 3 classes, this will be a tight schedule with only a history class in photography associated in photography. I am seeking those who would be interested in lingerie shoots, Nude or implied nude maternity sessions, boudoir or subjects not reflected in my portfolio yet. These will be negotiable, possibly paid or trade sessions. For those interested in portraits I provide an hour session for $200 in prints, there is no session fee. Contact me to see what might work for you.
I continue to rework my house to create my studio. I’ve built my shed, now the garage has a fireplace and is transforming. I can only work on my free time and that will disappear with school restarting. Since my studio is not finished, I can work on location. If you have a special spot or like my favorites the West Bottoms and River Market we can shoot there. I can provide sessions at your home if you prefer. Here’s a sneak peek of the images I continue to work on.

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