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March 12, 2016 Uncategorized

This week I will speak to my Photography advisor concerning a project I would like to pursue for course credit. Upon approval I plan to open a “Go Fund Me” account to help finance this project, in addition I will begin researching background information. This will be a large photography project encompassing many models, locations and time. I do not want to disclose the specifics of the project until closer to the necessary casting calls. I can say this will be based off classical literature and we will create scenes from the story that to this point has only been portrayed by illustration. I have thought about this for quite some time and feel now is the opportune time.

My intent is to create images that portray classical scenes in a realistic “As if you were there” viewpoint. Here are a few points to note if you are interested:
1. I will need both male and female models, some I will need over multiple shoots. Primary and nude modeling will be paid, extras will be trade.
2 Models will need to be tattoo free or be able to cover it completely with makeup.
3. Shoots will be full days and majority outside.
4. This project will begin in July with the model/mua casting calls and selection process.
5. Shooting will take place in August 2016 and end in April 2017.
6. All costumes and props will be provided.
7. Those interested can contact me at

I will provide additional information when available. To stay up-to-date like my page at Vince Fallis . Photography


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