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May 10, 2016 Fallen Stars


I am finalizing the location for the casting call and should be sending that out at the end of this week. In addition my Kick Starter is finished and in review, this should be good-to-go at the end of this month. Things are coming fast.

A little review of the project. Fallen Stars is a short story about Genesis. It was inspired by the works of John Milton’s Paradise Lost and Danté’s Divine Comedy. Originally I wanted to just do the artwork depicting several scenes, but as I researched the legends and myths about this biblical mythology I found a story forming in front of me. This story will be fantasy and should not be taken as serious biblical text. In the course of wanting to create this story I received approval for course credits for the photographic artwork I will produce with specific guidelines. In the end the final project in Spring 2017 is to produce a book, although primarily this is for my class project and my portfolio, the book will be made available for sale. To help fund this project I plan to hold a Kick Starter campaign, this is planned to be released June 1st and will run for 30 days. Those involved in the project are more than welcomed to participate.

There are 5 main characters; these parts are paid, all but Michael require some form of nudity (artistic nudes). Lucifer, Adam and Eve require African American Models and Michael and Lilith require caucasian

Arch Angel Lucifer


Arch Angel Michael


And Eve

There will be parts available for tfp, these involve various angels in battle scenes.

More specifics on model requirements will be made available in the casting call.

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