Victorian Vintage Shots

June 21, 2016 Victorian shoot

This is the final set of the images taken with the Lens baby. This was more an experiment than anything. I hadn’t had the opportunity to work with this lens much but ever so wanted to. I debated throughout the day until towards evening I decided to give it a try. There are imperfections as far as the focusing is concerned because lack of use but in the end I believe it adds to the vintage effect. If you’re wondering why one face is in focus and the other may not be, it’s because the depth-of-field is so narrow at 2.0 you might get an inch in focus as long as it all lines up in a straight line. Again I think it plays into the effect. I enjoyed producing these.

The remainder will take some time, maybe a month to complete. I have 300 images to edit and that will take some time. I will notify all participants when they are available, keep checking back here for updates.


Shelbi Thompson

Rebecca Hiatt

Makeup Artist: Tori Springfield

Makeup Artist Assistant: Christopher Arrietta.

Venue: Castle Tea Room, Lawrence Kansas

Model: Diane Sax_MG_6862 _MG_6858 _MG_6861

Models: Aaron Shockley, Huntress Orion

_MG_6879 _MG_6888 _MG_6880 _MG_6890 _MG_6874 _MG_6885 _MG_6869 _MG_6868 _MG_6870 _MG_6866 _MG_6873 _MG_6865 _MG_6907

Models: Ron BrandCasey Key

_MG_6906 _MG_6903 _MG_6901 _MG_6899 _MG_6894 _MG_6898 _MG_6893 _MG_6896


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