Artist Statement

Vince Fallis

Fallen Stars
Fallen Stars was inspired by the works of John Milton, Dante Alighieri, and Gustave Doré. My first intention was to recreate the engravings that Gustave Doré carved for both Milton’s Lost Paradise and Danté’s Inferno. As I researched the book of Genesis my recreations began to take on a different form, my images began to take shape around events in Genesis. The more involved the story became I found a need to begin to write a story that would connect the various images together, incorporating legends and myths I was ready to begin creating images.
Image may contain: 3 people, eyeglassesThe first session I found myself disappointed in the results, I called everyone for another shoot, this time I incorporated a lensbaby tilt shoot lens and the results were much better, and those that followed since.
The approach to the images I want is one that gives the viewer a front row seat to the event and they are seeing it’s recreation on aged papyrus paper, scrolls possibly uncovered from an archaeological site. The lensbaby helps create drama to the image, parts are in and out of focus in the scene giving the viewer the feeling of movement to various degrees in and out of the frame. The use of shallow depth of field draws attention to the subject. I am drawn to Greek and Roman art in their use of curves and motion in the art, along with Renaissance paintings that show emotion through gestures and poses and I try to mix the two within my photography and have attempted to incorporate that within this project.
Fallen Stars will continue to evolve over the next few years incorporating more angles, focus play and wider landscape frames while keeping the same Renaissance and Roman style portrayals.

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