Patreon, Here I Come!

I will joining the thousands of artists who have teamed up with Patreon for support of their work. My site will be available beginning in October and I invite those of you interested in my work to following or support me on the site. As of October my work will be featured on my Patreon site and only snippets will be on my website or social media. Unlike many others I have chosen to send out actual 5×7 or similarly sized printed photos signed and dated to my supporters.   Of course this all depends on the tier level you chose to join. But don’t worry, lower level tiers on up will have access to images just for your social media. The funds help pay for my models and expenses for the shoots. My goals are geared to drive my school coursework, eventually one day I hope it will ease me into my art full time.

Any models that would like to work with me on my projects please message me.


I begin a new project this Fall called Mists and might possibly lead me into Patreon. I am honored to be working with Casey Key on this project. I have been wanting to shoot with her again ever since the Victorian shoot of last year. Unfortunately Fallen Stars  did not have a major spot for her. I will not go into details about Mists as I must save it for Patreon, but rest assured Casey will bring my concept to life. Below is Casey from the Victorian shoot.

It is wonderful to be shooting again, I missed being able to do so. If you want to see the outcomes then become my patron on Patreon. I will go live on September the 18th. My work will then on be located there.

Upcoming and Regular Photographic Art Work

For my local friends and models, I am looking into regular paid work for models in my art. I will shoot a range from normal to alternative, digital to film, on a monthly basis. Pay will be based on experience and project and to what extent nudity is required. What I need to know is you’re be interested in paid work with me (references can be provided) and to what extent nudity you are comfortable with. All images will be display publicly at both my school and elsewhere, this is after all what I study for school, you must be comfortable with that. If necessary I will hire traveling models but prefer to build my local base some more first. 

I am looking to shoot recreations of Renaissance, Roman, and Greek art. I would love to shoot maternity. I shoot both low and high key artistic nudes and body painting will be done

If interested, please message me with a current picture and how you think you can fit into the above picture.




Lately I have been considering joining Patreon for my photography work, especially helping me with my school projects and alternative photography. I would love to hear some feedback on the upsides and downsides of the Patreon experience, especially if you had tried it then ended it.

The Curator Entry

I have entered a series of images from my Fallen Stars project into competition for fine art, please visit my page and wish me luck and of course vote. Thanks.

Thank You All for Your Support!

I have found that I receive more responses for my art from my Facebook than my page. I will no longer place content onto my page vincefallis . photography,  instead I will place it on my timeline name of Vince Fallis or Papa Vince. I most deeply appreciated your support and jope you will simply follow my timeline. Most of it is duplicated anyways and I am looking for simplified ways to post my art and projects to a greater number of interested people. If you like my page but are not my friend on Facebook please request it. Thanks Again for you support.

Fallen Stars Update, Close to the End

The final wilderness shoot is tackled, Lilith gained her wings and Lucifer gained an ally. There are only a few makeup images to produce and complete the final Battle scene for the book. The story is being edited right now an I will be putting it together this Fall for my semester final. I leave you the conspiracy scene images.

Models: Madeleine Sienkiewicz , Sherrié Aikins

Costumes: Carol Fallis

Photographer: Vince Fallis

New Shoot

Expression says it all: Really, again?

Just kidding, a great shoot with great people.

Sherrié Aikins and Madeleine Sienkiewicz


Another Great Session Wrapped Up

This images as a whole came out wonderful. I really enjoyed working with Ron Brand and Sherrié Aikins to make this scene. These images are truly painting like because of great theatrical posing and emotion along with the Lensbaby. These images have a clear and realistic view as if you are actually in the scene yourself.