Future Path

Alaina is posed for this image I call Angellic. The image is a inkjet print on Kozo double-layered paper imported from Japan.

Model: Alaina Mihalko

Once printed, the back piece is separated from the front sheet and the resulting image is a very thin, tissue style paper that remains very strong due to its fiberous content. The print can be placed against different colors of backgrounds that create different effects, here is simply white that brings out the highlights more. I will be experimenting with Kozo and emulsion and photographically print images onto this paper. This should give a very soft in appearance image with wonderful texture. I have all the necessary equipment  and chemicals and will release updates as I go. Those wishing to be a part of this work let me know.

Soon It Will Be Film

 Waiting for my emulsion and developing liquids and will soon be producing prints. My bulb went out, got one ordered, not easy looking for 30 year old bulbs.

Film Test

Today I developed a film roll that I took test images on, using the monobath R5 from New55 the process went well, simple and easy and was successful. I did find that patience is a virtue with film as some images were missed because of wrong settings. It’s a slower process one must adopt for film. I will look over these negatives and see where I go in using the Lensbaby with film. At some point I’d like to shoot a roll on peoples faces and portrait shots and see how those come out with the Lensbaby.

Goodbye Digital

At least for awhile. I have really liked shooting film in the past and really love the wet plate process, although the latter may be beyond me I will begin experimenting with black and white film using my lens baby for effect and developing using New55 developer. I will complete my Fallen Stars project before the switch. If anyone is interested in collaborating with me let me know and I’ll put you on the list.

First Fitting….Lilith

Our fitting today with Sherrié Aikins for Lilith, unfortunately the silver armor was too large but the smaller chest plate fit just fine, the demon wings are in process of being created.

Fallen Stars Update

The cast is being finalized, the final model for the role of Adam is being determined and the dates of the shoots will be announced in the next few days.

My Kickstarter has begun and I encourage everyone to contribute, all will get a piece of the pie.

Vincefallis. Photography

The locations have been scouted and some are:

Hillsdale lake

image image image image image image

My back yard


Neghbors lot

image image image image image

And finally some of the costuming is arriving

image image

This chest plate will be black when I’m done with it with a hint of red.

So it’s coming together and getting exciting.

What was Adam and Eve’s Race?

Fallen Stars

Continuing in my research for my project I have questions on how my readers and viewers will perceive my work. I’d appreciate your response, but knowing some might be disappointed by angels not having wings, I might not get the same turnaround on this question.

What was Adam and Eve’s Race, white or black?

Fallen Stars

I wanted to pass along information of Fallen Stars. This is my Kick Starter information. I am currently live on Kick Starter looking for supporters who love this style of creativity. I’m currently on Kick Starter to reduce the burden of cost towards this school project and any support would be valuable.

Thank You,


It’s my belief that Genesis was filled with races other than the generally accepted European caucasians. Many historians and geneticists believe the original inhabitants were African. In fact in Genesis verse 8 it states “the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden, and there He put the man whom he had formed.” Eastward from where? My belief is originally man and woman were created in African and transplanted to the garden somewhere in Iraq. Earth originally was Eden and the statement “Garden of Eden” meant a garden of Earth. This would also lead one to believe that Adam and Eve were black and I intend to show this in my work.

Medieval Jewish text also speaks of Adam’s first wife Lilith who leaves the Garden prior to Eve, hence explaining many of the discrepancies concerning Genesis, one being God creating male and female then later creating man, then woman from man’s rib. The connection I believe has been lost or intentionally removed.

You will not certainly die, for God knows that when  you eat it your eyes will be opened,  and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.
You will not certainly die, for God knows that when you eat it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.

There will be twists and turns and new directions in this adaptation of Genesis, largely based off myths and legends from several ancient sources and at times my own imagination to fill gaps of the unexplained. I do not treat this a biblical text but more a fantasy, This book is about the images, the story is to give a narrative to them.