New Shoot

Expression says it all: Really, again? Just kidding, a great shoot with great people. Sherrié Aikins and Madeleine Sienkiewicz   Continue reading New Shoot

Fallen Stars, New Session Dates to Come Soon!

Ok, time has blown by fast and March is coming soon. I will have tentative date for photo sessions in March, these must be done before the greening of the foliage, hopefully the warm weather will turn cold again so it won’t green up too early. The scenes to be shot are: Michael approaching Lilith … Continue reading Fallen Stars, New Session Dates to Come Soon!

Been Busy Lately

I just wanted to drop a line because I’ve been really busy, but in school work. The Fallen Stars Project will continue once I finish my  8 week course in poetry, that course should end in early March. If you would like to view the images to date, please visit: Continue reading Been Busy Lately

New Work

So, I have continued to processed the images from the October shoot. With the great reviews from my instructor I have decided to begin work on the largest piece to date, the battle scene of angels v demons. At this time the image is at 2gb because the amount of layers required. The image will … Continue reading New Work

Future Path

Alaina is posed for this image I call Angellic. The image is a inkjet print on Kozo double-layered paper imported from Japan. Model: Alaina Mihalko Once printed, the back piece is separated from the front sheet and the resulting image is a very thin, tissue style paper that remains very strong due to its fiberous content. … Continue reading Future Path

Soon It Will Be Film

 Waiting for my emulsion and developing liquids and will soon be producing prints. My bulb went out, got one ordered, not easy looking for 30 year old bulbs. Continue reading Soon It Will Be Film

Film Test

Today I developed a film roll that I took test images on, using the monobath R5 from New55 the process went well, simple and easy and was successful. I did find that patience is a virtue with film as some images were missed because of wrong settings. It’s a slower process one must adopt for … Continue reading Film Test

Goodbye Digital

At least for awhile. I have really liked shooting film in the past and really love the wet plate process, although the latter may be beyond me I will begin experimenting with black and white film using my lens baby for effect and developing using New55 developer. I will complete my Fallen Stars project before … Continue reading Goodbye Digital