Using the Lensbaby in Fallen Stars!

I love the unique look the Lensbaby gives these images. Here’s one I’m currently working on. The distortion gives it a dreamlike appearance, perfect for these images.

models: Ron Brand, Sherrié Aikins

mu: Sherrié Aikins

costumes: Carol Fallis

photographer: Vince Fallis

Back in the Saddle

It’s been too long since I’ve shot. Today we begin the next phase of Fallen Stars for this fall. I was joined by Ron Brand and Sherrié Aikins, two models and friends I always enjoy working with. Both of them are serious but bring some fun to the shoots as well. Using a new lensbaby I am opening up the final images to more landscape styles with distant shots. I included one here and titled it “Scoperto”, Italian for “Discovery”.

Fallen Stars, New Session Dates to Come Soon!

Ok, time has blown by fast and March is coming soon. I will have tentative date for photo sessions in March, these must be done before the greening of the foliage, hopefully the warm weather will turn cold again so it won’t green up too early. The scenes to be shot are: Michael approaching Lilith to return to Eden and Lucifer approaching and convincing Lilith to return to Eden. So I’ll need Ron, Sherrié, and Madeline to star in your roles again. Sherrié you will change costumes at the location. I’m looking for March 19 at 8am, it should only be a great session. Let me know if that is good for you, please respond to let me know.

Been Busy Lately

  • I just wanted to drop a line because I’ve been really busy, but in school work. The Fallen Stars Project will continue once I finish my  8 week course in poetry, that course should end in early March. If you would like to view the images to date, please visit:

New Work

So, I have continued to processed the images from the October shoot. With the great reviews from my instructor I have decided to begin work on the largest piece to date, the battle scene of angels v demons. At this time the image is at 2gb because the amount of layers required. The image will be composed of both tilt shift and photoshop effects and the entire frame will be filled. If you have any friends or family that would like to dress up in armor and wings and portray some demons and angels I’d like to add them to this image sometime in the next few months, this is strictly a volunteer basis.

Future Path

Alaina is posed for this image I call Angellic. The image is a inkjet print on Kozo double-layered paper imported from Japan.

Model: Alaina Mihalko

Once printed, the back piece is separated from the front sheet and the resulting image is a very thin, tissue style paper that remains very strong due to its fiberous content. The print can be placed against different colors of backgrounds that create different effects, here is simply white that brings out the highlights more. I will be experimenting with Kozo and emulsion and photographically print images onto this paper. This should give a very soft in appearance image with wonderful texture. I have all the necessary equipment  and chemicals and will release updates as I go. Those wishing to be a part of this work let me know.

Soon It Will Be Film

 Waiting for my emulsion and developing liquids and will soon be producing prints. My bulb went out, got one ordered, not easy looking for 30 year old bulbs.

Film Test

Today I developed a film roll that I took test images on, using the monobath R5 from New55 the process went well, simple and easy and was successful. I did find that patience is a virtue with film as some images were missed because of wrong settings. It’s a slower process one must adopt for film. I will look over these negatives and see where I go in using the Lensbaby with film. At some point I’d like to shoot a roll on peoples faces and portrait shots and see how those come out with the Lensbaby.