Fallen Stars


My project has been approved for class credit, Kickstarter campaign in the works and my first promo shoot and video coming this Sunday. I am very excited about this project.

I have been inspired by the poem Paradise Lost written by John Milton, illustrated by Gustave Doré. This described the fall of Lucifer from Heaven.

My project is my interpretation of the story of Genesis from the Bible. I have researched various sources, myths, legends, and speculations to fill in hole and gaps to use as a glue to bind my photographic art together in a cohesive story I believe many will enjoy. It is not to be considered biblical text but fantasy based off the myth and legends that surround Genesis. This short story and subsequent artwork will depict the Fall of Lucifer, the emergence of Lilith, the deception of Eve and the fall from grace for Adam and Eve.

Written into the story will be twists and turns and unexpected plots, obvious and underlying social issues that relate to current headlines.

All photography will be in the spirit of 16th century art enhanced by the look of wet plate collodion to add an additional aged look.

The full project will cumulate in a book form available for sale.

Fallen Stars will cover a year of work and provide course credit for two semesters. It will require many models for several different parts over the course of the year, some for the entire year. Some parts will require nudity, some outdoor. These will receive a higher pay per hour. There will unpaid parts for TPF.

All models and participants that have a role in the production of this project will receive credits listed in books with contact information.

Specific model requirements will be listed in the casting call set to go out soon, so keep watching for it on my website, blog or Facebook as an event.